Back into the Book: CBT of BPD / Book Study


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As we train and work with agencies across the world, it seems as though the treatment manual written by Marsha Linehan, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder has lost prominence as a primary learning tool. 

The manual is difficult to read for specific reasons. Unlike treatments like Foa’s Prolonged Exposure that instructs on what to do week-by-week, DBT is comprised by a set of principles with protocols imbedded.  There’s no way to find out what to do in a given week for individual treatment sessions.  Just taking a treatment that is as complex as DBT and putting it into a linear, chapter by chapter format was difficult.  The result is that Linehan often refers to chapters to come or chapters in the past which can be confusing. 

Let’s face it, Marsha Linehan is a brilliant researcher.  She also has a very medical/scientific vocabulary.  Many people are put off by the language in the book.  Marsha also assumed that we were all practicing, supervised behavioral therapists.  The result is that she didn’t explain concepts that were unique to behaviorism. 

Shari Manning, Ph.D. re-reads the manual every year.  This year, Shari is going to read the manual in reverse, starting with Chapter 15, which includes suicide, therapy interfering and telephone protocols, and some “what to do’s”.  She is doing this to support primary learning and help clinicians access the immeasurable value of the contents of the book.

If you would like to read the manual with Shari, join us online.  These sessions will be around 30 minutes long. She will overview the chapter and tell you the important pieces to focus on.  She will also point out the checklists that are important to learn if you want to provide adherent DBT as well as some “one-liners” that she has found helpful over her 27 years of doing DBT.  Finally, Shari will point out places where the treatment has changed since it was published in 1993.  

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Back into the Book: CBT of BPD / Book Study
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