Understanding Effective Supervision/Consultation in DBT


Course Description

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a complex treatment and therefore is effortful for most to learn.  Although training is sufficient for getting basic through advanced learning (skill acquisition with some strengthening), supervision or consultation is the mechanism through which most therapists generalize skills learned to their actual therapy sessions. 

There are many types of supervisors/consultants, and many ways of doing supervision/consultation, which, in many settings, can lead to confounding roles and a lack of clarity with goals. The distinctions between administrative, clinical and treatment specific supervision often gets conflated with consultation and consultation team in DBT.  This online course addresses some of the issues that arise in DBT supervision/consultation across all contexts.  The course will describe different processes for using supervision/consultation as well as how to choose consultants and formats for consultation. 

Topics for the Course Include

Week 1:     

    • Supervision/consultation as a function of DBT
    • Legalities of supervision versus consultation
    • Supervision versus consultation: defining your role
    • Types of supervisors
    • Types of supervision/consultation
    • Dialectics of supervision/consultation

Week 2:

    • Getting informed consent
    • Processes of effective supervision/consultation
    • When the team and the consultant disagree
    • Vetting a consultant for your team

Course Objectives

Following this online course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the difference between a supervisor and a consultant in different contexts
  2. Describe the dialectical tensions that arise in supervision/consultation
  3. Create an informed consent for videotaping for supervision/consultation
  4. Describe their process for utilizing supervision/consultation effectively

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Understanding Effective Supervision/Consultation in DBT
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